About Us

Cybersecurity breaches have become a daily occurrence. Many online giants, including Google, Facebook, and even Microsoft, are collecting your private data; sometimes even without your explicit consent. With all that in mind, we at Anonymania have decided to launch this website. It represents a handy guide you can use in order to learn how to better protect your online privacy and security.

The Team

Ali Jawad


Ali is the founder of Anonymania.com. He launched the website to help increase awareness of online anonymity and privacy. AJ spent 20 years working as an Internet security expert for multinational companies, he knows most of the ins and outs of security technologies, their uses, and implications. This means you’ll gain plenty of helpful information after you read his extensive, detailed reviews and how-to articles. Ali is a firm believer in internet freedom as well.

He despises all forms of online restrictions and will provide you with the proper tools to override them.

Do you want to stay away from the prying eyes of the internet, while also gaining unlimited access to your favorite streaming channels? Then you better call Jawad.

What We Do For a Living

Our tech experts are here to assist you by reviewing and rating several virtual private networks. We only recommend premium services that use the strongest security and privacy features to unblock your preferred websites. The VPNs have to pass the rigorous tests of our specialists before they can claim a spot on our list.

Anonymania also offers how-to guides and articles about bypassing geographic restrictions using VPNs or Smart DNS proxies. You’ll always find a helping hand when you visit our website.

How We Make Money

Anonymania is a great source of knowledge, but at the end of the day, we’re still a business. However, we’re not just any business. We value transparency and honesty, which is why we have no problem sharing with you our money-making methods.

If you’ve ever read any of our articles, you’ll notice affiliate links to certain products. If you purchase one of those products via our website, our partners pay us a referral fee, which is a commission of some sort. Now, this might raise a few red flags, but please keep in mind the following:

  • Purchasing any service via Anonymania won’t cost you anything extra. On the contrary; you’ll occasionally benefit from exclusive discounts up to 60%.
  • Our partners don’t have any influence over our opinions. The reviews of our experts are always and forever will be impartial and serving the readers’ best interests. As a matter of fact, you’ll occasionally find a negative comment from our writers aimed towards our partners. We also praise parties that aren’t in business with us. Simply put, our reviews are unbiased.
  • The affiliate links inside our articles do not track your data. Anonymania is all about online privacy and we would NEVER use referral links to store or share your personal data. These links have a unique code that notifies our partners when you make a purchase through our website.

The bottom line is, our number one priority is the reader, and we would never do anything to damage our relationship.

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