Transparency and honesty are at the core of our business, and maintaining a strong, trustful relationship with our readers is our utmost priority. You mean the world to us.

Our Mission

We provide honest, unbiased reviews of cybersecurity tools, like VPNs and Smart DNS proxies, based on thorough tests from our experts. You’ll also find plenty of how-to guides and tech articles. Our mission is to help you with your inquiries and give you the best answers/solutions.

How We Generate Profit

Anonymania is not one of those subscription-based websites that trade information for money. This goes against Jonathon’s (founder and fearless leader) values that internet freedom and privacy are rights to every human being, not just paying customers. So keep your credit card inside your wallet when you visit us.

But our tech experts, writers, developers, and the rest of our staff have to pay rent. That is why we collaborate with advertisers and partners.

All our articles contain affiliate links to products and services that our partners provide. These links have a unique ID that lets the provider know it was us who referred you to them. If you purchase one of their products via our website, we get a commission (a.k.a. referral fee).

Our fees won’t cost you an extra penny. On the contrary, you’ll sometimes benefit from significant and exclusive discounts if you subscribe to services using Anonymania.

We set ’em up; you knock ’em out of the park.

Does It Affect Our Credibility?

As Scarface protagonist Tony Montana puts it: “All I have in this world is my word” (we might have excluded some explicit content).

We would NEVER jeopardize our credibility for a few extra dollars. We test out the service and write an impartial review about it, even if it means criticizing our partners. Our aim is not to praise or scold. We list the pros and cons of each product in a completely neutral matter and leave the final decision to you.

And we are really selective when it comes to the people we do business with. Our partners must share and maintain the high standards that we set. If, after in-depth testing, we like what we see, we will recommend the product to our readers. If not, we will look elsewhere.

Aren’t Referral Fees Just a Sugarcoat For Tracking?

If your mindset is towards that direction, then you must have been reading our work. We always encourage our readers to be more privacy-concerned and always question whether someone is invading their personal space.

As explained earlier, our affiliate links contain identification tools. The sole purpose of these links is to help us find out if the reader used our website to purchase a product. There are no grey areas around this matter. We won’t spam your email with annoying ads or invade your privacy in any way.

As preachers of privacy and security, we would never implement dubious methods to collect user information. Almost every major company uses this same technology, including Apple, eBay, and Amazon.

Thanks For the Support

Referral fees, along with total honesty and transparency, help keep this business alive. Using Anonymania to buy a product won’t cost you a thing, and in some cases, it will save you money. That is why we would appreciate your support.

You can always count on us for impartial reviews and how-tos.

Thank you.

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