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The Entertainment Industry Struck Again – Paramount Discloses Breach

Telecommunication and media companies have been constant targets for cybercriminals in the past couple of years. Malicious groups managed to infiltrate the systems of big names such as Dish and Cox. Now, American entertainment giant Paramount Global joins the mix as the latest “breach” victim.

The service is a leading entertainment and streaming company with various names under its arsenal (Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, Paramount+, CBS, and more). In other words, a breach within its systems could have devastating outcomes.

Paramount disclosed the breach and we have all the necessary information about what actually went down. Here’s everything you need to know.

Paramount Breach – Not Your Typical Incident

Cyberattacks come in all forms and ways, especially when a media company is concerned. If the particular entity is not attacked directly, it’s still used in some sort of way.

We’re referring to similar malicious approaches such as phishing attacks. In fact, not long ago, one of the biggest U.S.-based telecommunication service providers – Verizon.

Threat actors used math symbols and other high-end techniques to spread a highly successful phishing attack that can even trick the toughest AI-based spam detectors.

Now, Paramount joins the mix as the latest victim as it disclosed that unknown attacks managed to infiltrate its systems, hack them, and gain access to personally identifiable information (PII).

According to a statement issued by Paramount, the data includes name, date of birth, Social Security numbers, and other identification numbers:

“Based on our investigation, the personal information may have included your name, date of birth, Social Security number or other government-issued identification number (such as driver’s license number or passport number) and information related to your relationship with Paramount.”

Source: Paramount

It’s well known that cybercriminals target big companies for maximum impact. They just benefit more from the harvested data.

However, as stated by Paramount, the attack didn’t have that much of an impact. Once the investigation alongside a security expert and law enforcement agents concluded, reports show that the impacted individuals are less than a 100.

“The personal information of less than 100 individuals may have been accessed by the unauthorized party and those individuals and the relevant authorities were notified.”

The attack allowed hackers to access Paramount’s systems between May and June 2023. A Breach letter signed by Nickelodeon Animation Studio EVP Brian Keane was sent to all affected individuals.

So far, Paramount did not mention any name that can be responsible for the attack. We have to wait and find out who managed to infiltrate one of the biggest media companies in the world.

The Media Industry at Constant Risk

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed regular malicious activity targeting media companies all over the world. However, it’s quite apparent that US entities are on the top of the list.

Threat actors will target any company that’s deemed beneficial in terms of harvested data. And whenever email addresses are among the stolen info, users should stay aware of possible phishing attacks.

If you have received some sort of notice from Paramount, make sure to remain vigilant when you get any other email that contains a link. You never know who’s behind it.

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