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The Fubo Breach: World Cup Semi-Final Kicks off with a Cyberattack

Let’s face it; watching the World Cup in the United States is an easy task, thanks to FuboTV. Fans just lay back, tune into Fox, and start streaming. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case during the Semifinal between Morocco and France, as cybercriminals decided to crash the party.

When the match was due, fans couldn’t sign in to their account to watch it. The incident occurred approximately around 2 PM ET, and Fubo users were in a frenzy.

Subscribers were furious with the channel, but they didn’t know what was happening in the background. Well, we know, and we’re going to discuss everything in the following article.

The Fubo Breach – Cybercriminals Scored First

Breaches have reached a new high in 2022, targeting victims from all departments. Whether it’s random or not, the damage done is, without a doubt, impactful.

The World Cup is one of the most anticipated and watched events in the world, especially during the Semifinals. When it comes to the media industry, this is not the first time a huge name has fallen victim to a cyber attack.

In fact, a while ago, Cox Communications – one of the biggest providers in the United States, suffered a huge breach. Now, fubo TV joins the mix as the latest victim of cyberattacks.

The streaming service went dark minutes before the semi-final between “Morocco and France” took place. Subscribers stated that they couldn’t log into their accounts. Instead, this error message showed up:

“CB_ERR_OPENff: downstream not availableSomething went wrong, please try again later0.”
Fubo TV Error (1)

Once the company discovered the attack, it immediately took steps to make sure everything went back to normal as soon as possible. In a statement, Fubo explained:

“On December 14, 2022, the day of the Qatar 2022™ semifinal match between France and Morocco, many FuboTV customers experienced issues accessing their accounts.”

In order to ensure their users did not miss the match, fubo posted a tweet informing everyone that’s working on the issue and that its subscribers should stream the game through FOX for the time being.

“Apologies to customers who are having issues with the France vs Morocco game. We are addressing the issue. Please note you can stream this game directly on FOX as well for free.
Fubo Tweet

Unfortunately, before the announcement was made, subscribers were furious. They even took it to Twitter to inform the service that they’ll cancel their subscription.


After fubo TV disclosed the breach, customers should know that it’s not the service’s fault. It’s just a target of a cyber scheme that any company might fall victim to.

Threat Actors’ Free Strike – Fubo Customers in a Frenzy

fubo is a popular channel with over 1,231,000 subscribers in North America. Imagine all of these users unable to sign in during one of the most exciting matches in the World Cup.

This caused chaos and frustration among subscribers, and it’s not the channel’s fault. These incidents are bound to happen. Even the tech giant Samsung could not avoid that.

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