The Many Advantages of a VPN

Temporary International residence or permanent national residence, you will need something to help secure things up. So, are you traveling? Looking to find out more advantages for the money you are about to pay or already paid? We have been watching the statistics of people searching for the advantages of using a VPN.

If you are reading this then you are definitely in the right place. You might be wondering about, would a VPN do well on international grounds and what advantages will it provide.

Virtual Private Networks are built for your ease and are used for the sole purpose of unblocking and securing, but there is more to it. In short, “we have good news for you”.

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What is a VPN? Is it worth your precious money?

benefits of vpn

Yeah yeah, we know that you might be wondering that you do not need to know ‘what is VPN.’ Rather you are just committed to knowing some crucial details. That’s okay! You can always skip to the part of your interest.

VPN, as you all probably know, stands for Virtual Private Network. Now, what it is and why is it important?

Nowadays, almost every week we hear news about someone’s email getting hacked and accounts being stolen. A VPN is a means to encrypt, safeguard or secure your data and to add a layer of protection squad to your identity or information.

It has become more important to secure your internet these days than it is for you to lock your doors.

There are a number of ways you can prevent your data, privacy or identity from being stolen but the most efficient one is to have a securing commander at your side known as a VPN.

Why Don’t All People use a VPN?

There are several reasons which can be said about people who do not use a VPN but the most common ones are:

  1. VPNs can cause a loss in internet speed. Most people do not want their internet speed to go down even a little bit, for say, they wouldn’t like an internet connection which can run a 1080p video smoothly go down to running 480p video difficultly. Considering this, premium VPN services cause a minimal Internet speed loss.
  2. Personal VPNs cost money. There are some guys out there who cannot afford Security software like that and usually drop the idea.
  3. Awareness can be another reason. There are lots of users out there who do not know about encryption, security, and attacks from hackers breaching your security.

Advantages of using a VPN

benefits of vpn

What a VPN does is that it tricks the internet into thinking that you’re sitting in a different location. For instance, I may be logging on to my laptop or internet in Paris, Italy but with a VPN, I can trick the internet into thinking that I am surfing from Egypt.


This is extremely important when you’re traveling a lot and also prefer to use services like Hulu, Prime Video, Netflix, and other social entertainers, while not wanting to lose access to your favorite streaming services. VPN allows you to cut off the restrictions based on geo-location.

Anonymity Online

Hiding your online identity while browsing the web is becoming more difficult each day. While a VPN does not help you achieve total anonymity, it does massively help.

Connecting to a VPN server will hide your public IP address and make it much more difficult for the apps you use and sites you visit to track you down.

Save Money

The best online discounts and special deals are usually reserved for countries such as the USA. A VPN can help you claim those special discounts by spoofing your online location.

Torrent Safely

If you do not wish to receive a copyright infringement claim while downloading your favorite movie or TV show from some torrenting site, a VPN simply is a must.

Since you will appear to be browsing the web using the IP address of the VPN server you’re connected to instead of your own, nobody can actually see what you are torrenting at any given time.

VPN Benefits and Risks

Thinking to dive in the tide? Well, before you make any quick decisions we want to provide you with some factors. It totally depends on your choice of need about whether you want to have a virtual private network or not. There are some questions which you might be wondering like:

  • What is the benefit of a VPN in business?
  • What is the benefit of a VPN for mobiles?

A VPN without any doubt benefits small businesses, but how? The answer to the question is down below:

  • VPNs add a layer of security; they contain the system (Which system?) from being exposed to any unwanted breaches and cyber attacks.
  • A virtual private network encourages productivity through general and authentic ways. For example, increased bandwidth, enhancing your surfing area, and securing your premises.
  • Mask your location. Make the internet think you are in the ‘U.S’ by not even being in the U.S. Spoofing your location is an amazing feature if you are traveling a lot.
  • Making the client feel more secure. Clients will only encourage when you have strong and secure service. They will trust your business, its security and value your opinion and services.
  • Due to heavy competition, VPNs have become reasonably affordable. Now you can have the best VPN server working behind your actions as a security manager in just $10 per month. $10 per month is an amazing price if you have a small business to run.

The Benefit of a VPN on mobile phones is also a very healthy debate because of its versatility.

What a VPN Does on a Smartphone

Pocket SecurityWorks as a mobile security guard. Your Internet is secured always when VPN is on.
Unblocks WebGet past restricted websites really quick. Save your time, download a VPN right now.
Safe Public WiFiYou can use your iPhone or Android device safely, even while connected to the Internet network of an airport or library.
Hacker Proof Having a VPN means being secure from hackers around the globe.
Save MoneyConnecting to a VPN server can get you discounts and deals that would normally not be available in your location.

Is VPN Legal?

VPNs are legal! I mean why wouldn’t they be legal? They provide high-quality measures for your safety and they charge money for their services, and that’s it.

To expand and explain the measures of this topic, we have dug deep and have come out with easy explanations for you.

There are some cases where using a VPN can be banned and illegal by nature, for example, copyrighting material. These are the kinds of cases in which not even VPNs can make them look legal. However, If you are only using a Virtual Private Network for its security and privacy services, it is 100% legal and amazing to use.

Another case includes the use of a VPN for Netflix. If you are using Private Network software while watching Netflix, it can make things messy. Although we cannot say that it is illegal and never use it for websites like Netflix, but it does breach their terms and conditions which is not ‘legal’ as well.


Some countries have also banned or restricted the use of VPNs. What this means is that they do not want any company to even have a hint of what they are cooking in their systems. A short list is provided below:

  • Russia
  • China
  • Turkey
  • Uganda
  • Iran
  • Iraq

Will a VPN Affect My Internet Speed?

Certainly, it is in a VPNs nature to slow down or affect your internet’s speed.

  1. The fact that a VPN adds encryption to your incoming and outgoing Internet traffic means that you will lose some of your Internet speed.
  2. Your Internet speed determines your VPNs speed. Having a slow internet connection can disrupt your VPN. This disruption will cause slower browsing and surfing.
  3. Travelling can affect VPN speed. While traveling, your internet might lose signal strength or in other words, the internet can be unstable while traveling. Ups and downs in browsing speed are likely to be witnessed.

In general, premium VPNs have the least effect on your Internet speed. Free VPN can drag your speed down because of two main reasons: Their servers are almost always overloaded and they haven’t invested in a proper infrastructure; hence slower speeds.

Which VPN is best to Unblock Everything?

A quick Google search of the best VPNs will quickly throw hundreds of VPN services at you. We have done a lot of testing to see which of these VPNs are truly worth your time and money.

VPN Provider
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Apps For All Your Devices
  • 24/7 Live Support
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Everyone has their own taste and mindset but when something is providing you benefits you have to admit that it is a good thing. A VPN benefits everyone, Home computers, Small businesses, firms, and clientele. Traveling is another case because while actually moving consistently your speed differs from place to place.

This is only tolerable if you have lots of patience or an amazing service provider (Internet connection provider).

Do you have an ongoing business that is providing you well? Well, that’s great. A simple $10 per month software for your ease cannot make a mark on your income. It is always amazing to have a safety measure being at your side of the table.

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