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How to Watch RTL+ outside Germany

We’ve all been there. While on a trip overseas, you launch your favorite streaming app to watch the latest TV show or movie, only to be presented with an error message that states that the video you’re trying to watch isn’t currently available in your region.

That case certainly applies to RTL+. The popular German streaming app, previously known as TVNow, isn’t available outside Germany. To get around these geo-restrictions, you need to spoof your online location.

Luckily, the process isn’t as difficult as you might think. In this tutorial, we’re going to list all the necessary steps you need to take in order to unblock RTL+ from anywhere in the world.

Watch RTL+ from Anywhere in the World

Time needed: 3 minutes

Here’s how you can stream RTL+ regardless of where you currently reside.

  1. Sign up for a VPN service.

    Make sure that whichever VPN service you choose actually has German VPN servers. ExpressVPN and BulletVPN are both good examples.

  2. Download the VPN app on your device.

    Install the VPN app on your phone, tablet, PC, or Mac.

  3. Sign in with your VPN account.

    Open the VPN application, enter your credentials, and sign in.

  4. Connect to a German VPN server.

    This process will trick the streaming app into thinking you’re located in Germany.

  5. Open RTL+’s website or app.

    Visit RTL from your phone, laptop, or FireTV.

  6. Enjoy the best German TV series and movies no matter where you are.

    You can use the same process to access other German apps while abroad.

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The Infamous RTL+ (TVNow) Geo-Error

The error below is what you get if you attempt to watch RTL outside Germany:

“DAS TUT UNS LEID! Einige Videos unseres Angebotes können wir aus rechtlichen Gründen nicht in allen Ländern außerhalb Deutschlands zur Verfügung stellen. Das gewünschte Video gehört leider dazu. Solltest Du dich entgegen unserer technischen Prüfung in Deutschland befinden, findest Du hier weiterführende Informationen. Wir danken für dein Verständnis!”

It basically means that they’re sorry. Some of RTL+’s offerings cannot be accessed outside Germany due to legal reasons. The video you’ve selected is part of those videos. Thank you for your understanding.

To get around these geoblocks, all you have to do is follow the steps we’ve listed above.

What is RTL+ aka TVNow?

Launched back in 2007, the German streaming service was originally called Then, in 2016, it was redirected to

Finally, in 2021, the TVNow name was dropped in favor of RTL+. Hopefully, this will be the last time the naming changes. Keep in mind that the actual URL of their website hasn’t changed yet. It still is

RTL+ is a premium online streaming service. In addition to its original programming, both live and on-demand, you also get to watch shows produced by HBO and Discovery.

The streaming provider currently offers three different subscription models: Free, Premium, and Max.

What is a VPN?

Before we explain what a Virtual Private Network is and does, we have to note that this particular task cannot be fulfilled without one.

A VPN is a cybersecurity tool that enhances both a user’s privacy and security. When you connect to a server, the VPN will encrypt your data, allowing you to surf the internet without having to worry about any outside interception.

In other words, you can even use public networks at airports, restaurants, as well as hotels safely. Aside from that, a VPN cloaks your real IP address and replaces it with one in the country where the server is located.

Not only does this anonymize your internet browsing, but it also allows you to bypass regional restrictions and access geo-blocked content in your country.

For example, if you connect to a server in Germany, you’ll receive a German IP address. As a result, you’ll be able to access the likes of RTL+ as well as other services in the country, no matter where you reside.

In order to use a VPN, you need to sign up with a VPN service provider. Almost all these services offer subscription-based plans. As is the case with any online service, some are better than others.

While our top recommendation goes to ExpressVPN, there are several others that can get the job done as well.

To make things easier for you, we’ve listed the best VPNs you can turn to in order to unblock RTL+ from anywhere in the world below.

VPN Provider
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  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Apps For All Your Devices
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Can I Watch RTL+ with a Free VPN?

Most free VPNs are unreliable when it comes to streaming, either offering limited servers and bandwidth or slow connection speed and detectable IP addresses. But not all VPNs are the same.

Qamo VPN’s Frankfurt server gave us instant access to RTL+ from outside Germany. It has a wide server selection compared to other free providers, with locations in the US, Canada, UK, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, and of course, Germany.

Furthermore, Qamo supports the majority of streaming services and offers fast connection speeds. As a result, we streamed RTL+ shows from abroad without interruptions.

Even in terms of privacy, Qamo has premium features, with a built-in kill switch, a no-logs policy, and military-grade encryption.

On the downside, the app is ad-supported and only available on Android .

How to Access RTL+ on Different Devices While Abroad?

RTL+ is currently available on Windows PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Samsung TV, LG TV, SKY Q, and Amazon Fire Stick. Unblocking the streaming service differs slightly depending on which device you’re trying to access it from.

Do you want to watch RTL+ on Android or iOS devices outside Germany? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Connect to a German server.
  2. Switch your app store region to Germany:
  3. Download and install the RTL+ app.
  4. Sign in with your account and start streaming.

On Windows or Mac, the process is very simple. Just connect to a German server and go to RTL+’s official website. On the page, sign in with your account, pick your video, and start streaming.

With FireStick, it’s straightforward to get RTL+. Connect to a German server and change your Amazon account to Germany.

Download the RTL+ application, sign in with your account, and start watching your favorite programs and sports wherever you are.

RTL+ Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the points the guide above might not have covered.

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Final Thoughts

While we tried to make the tutorial above as comprehensive as possible, you might still have some inquiries you need more information about. If that’s the case, simply drop us a comment below, and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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