Important: As of June 21st, 2024, according to our readers' feedback and our tests, BulletVPN is the ONLY VPN compatible with Showmax at the moment.

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How to Watch Showmax from Anywhere in the World

Netflix may be the streaming king of the hill, but in some countries like South Africa, competition is stiff. Showmax, for instance, is a very popular platform in the country, offering content from Hollywood, Britain, and Africa.

However, Showmax is available in selected locations, with its best catalog being for South African residents.

Therefore, to get the best experience, you need an RSA IP address. And according to our tests, only BulletVPN gives you a reliable IP number.

Unblock Showmax Everywhere – Quick Steps

Time needed: 5 minutes

To unblock Showmax in your region, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service.

    We recommend using BulletVPN, as it’s the only provider that managed to access Showmax overseas.

  2. Get the VPN application.

    Download and install the BulletVPN app on your device.

  3. Activate the VPN client.

    Sign in with your BulletVPN username and password.

  4. Connect to a server in South Africa.

    This process will provide you with a South African IP address.

  5. Launch Showmax’s website or app.

    Sign in with your Showmax credentials.

  6. Enjoy Showmax anywhere.

    Watch Showmax wherever you are.

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Content Overview

Showmax from Abroad and Geo-blocking

You can access Showmax from over 65 countries across Africa, Europe, and the Asia/Pacific region. However, the content may differ depending on your location.

Due to licensing agreements, Showmax cannot offer the same programs in every country, as those rights may belong to another service.

Therefore, the South African catalog features the widest selection of movies, series, reality TV shows, and original programs.

And what about those who live outside Showmax’s broadcasting region? Well, they will encounter a location error message as soon as they open the streaming service’s website:

“Showmax is not yet available in the United States.”

That’s all she wrote, basically. You won’t be able to access anything if you live abroad.

Showmax Location Error

Showmax is able to determine your location using your IP address. In fact, it will display your actual IP just underneath the geo-error message.

IP addresses help web services determine your digital identity and approximate location. They won’t be able to pinpoint your street or building, but they can narrow it down to city and country. And that’s more than enough to block you from accessing their content or limiting what you see.

Each country has a set of designated IP addresses that Internet service providers distribute to users. Most ISPs give customers one IP to connect to the Internet, but some of them offer different ones each time you go online. Nonetheless, these numerical labels help Showmax discover where you are and subsequently block you.

Unblock Showmax with a VPN

The only way to access Showmax from abroad is by tricking it into thinking that you are inside its broadcasting region. To do that, you need a virtual private network, better known as a VPN.

This tool reroutes your Internet connection through its own server network. It allows you to choose your target location, then sends your traffic through the server you selected.

Furthermore, it changes your IP address as soon as you connect to the VPN server, making it appear as if you are somewhere else.

Your new IP address will match the location of the VPN server. In other words, if you connect to a server from South Africa, you’ll get a South African IP address. As a result, Showmax will think that you are inside the country and give you access to its content.

Bypassing geo-blocks is a key VPN feature. But hiding and changing your actual location isn’t the only thing VPNs can do.

These tools are excellent for privacy and anonymity as well. You see, when VPNs reroute your traffic, they send it through an encrypted tunnel so that no third party can monitor what you do. They also don’t keep records of your online activities.

Key VPN Features

There are hundreds of VPN services on the market nowadays. But just like any other product, not all of them are the same.

Only premium brands offer top-tier features, and these VPNs cost money. Still, it’s a small price to pay to protect your online privacy and data.

So before you subscribe to the first VPN service you come across, make sure it has the following features first:

  • Zero-logs policy: Reputable VPNs don’t collect, store, or share your sensitive data. Their servers eliminate information like IP addresses, browsing history, web destinations, and connection timestamps.
  • AES-256 encryption: There are several encryption algorithms out there, but the most secure one to date is AES with 256-bit keys. It prevents ISPs, hackers, and government agencies from monitoring your online activities.
  • Kill switch: Top VPN services always prepare for the worst. They offer a kill switch that terminates your device’s Internet connection if the VPN malfunctions. As a result, your traffic won’t leak to your ISP’s servers.
  • Unblocking capabilities: Having a broad server network alone isn’t enough for bypassing geo-blocks. Some web services, like streaming platforms, ban VPN IP addresses, preventing you from viewing their content. Premium VPNs, however, can unblock the likes of Showmax, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer.
  • Fast speed rates: If you’re using a VPN to stream your favorite shows on Showmax or other similar platforms, you need a VPN with speedy servers. Otherwise, you’ll face buffering issues.

How to Install a VPN and Unblock Showmax

VPN apps are compatible with the majority of operating systems. That means you can easily install them on almost any device.

Of course, each VPN brand offers different device compatibility, but one thing is for sure, no VPN has tailor-made apps for gaming consoles or Smart TVs.

That is why the majority of elite VPNs offer a Smart DNS proxy solution. This tool only reroutes the URLs that expose your location without tampering with the rest of your connection.

It won’t change your IP address or encrypt your traffic. However, you can set up Smart DNS on pretty much any device, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, routers, smart TVs, PS4, and Xbox.

Best VPN for Showmax

If you’re a VPN beginner, choosing the right service can be challenging. But if you abide by the must-have features that I stated earlier, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices by a great deal. Still, that requires a fair share of research on your part, which can be a bit time-consuming.

Therefore, if you’re in hurry, we rounded up the best VPN services for unblocking Showmax, all while maintaining your security and privacy.

VPN Provider
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Apps For All Your Devices
  • 24/7 Live Support
Visit BulletVPN
Visit ExpressVPN
Visit Unlocator
Visit NordVPN


BulletVPN New Logo

BulletVPN is a reliable VPN service you can count on to watch Showmax. In fact, it is one of the few providers that can still outmaneuver its tricky geo-blocks, as well as the ones of DStv, Kayo Sports, and TVNZ. The company is based in Estonia, outside privacy-intrusive jurisdiction. And just like ExpressVPN and other elite counterparts, BulletVPN uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm and follows a strict zero-logs policy.

And the kill switch comes with a unique feature called BulletShield. You can only activate the latter in conjunction with the kill switch from the app settings. BulletShield will prevent your device from connecting to the Internet unless you’re using a BulletVPN server.

Now, the company does not have a wide server network as other VPNs, but they strategically cover key regions all over the globe.

That includes South Africa, the US, Canada, most of the European countries, Australia, and more. You’ll also enjoy fast speed rates, ideal for streaming Showmax programs.

Additional features include six concurrent device connections, a smart DNS proxy, round-the-clock customer service, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Learn more about this VPN in our BulletVPN review.

Get BulletVPN

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • AES-256 encryption.
  • No-logs policy.
  • Kill switch + BulletShield.
  • Fast speeds.
  • Unblocks streaming platforms.
  • Allows torrenting and P2P.
  • Free Smart DNS.
  • 30-day refund policy.
  • Six simultaneous device connections.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Avoid Free VPNs

A lot of readers will be wondering whether they can use free VPNs to unblock Showmax or other services. And the answer is yes; there are plenty of VPNs that cost nothing. However, they still come at a hefty price.

Ironically, free providers violate your privacy by collecting your sensitive data and selling it to third parties. That includes your browsing history, IP address, and the websites you visit. They share this data with advertisers so that they can deliver targeted ads. Free VPNs also endanger your security as some of them contain malware directly in their software or through ads.

Moreover, they won’t do you much good when it comes to bypassing geo-blocks. Most of these brands can’t get past the VPN blacklisting, so Showmax and the majority of streaming will remain off-limits. Besides, free VPNs have a limited server network that is often slow and overcrowded with users.

In short, we recommend you avoid free VPN services because they do you more harm than good.

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Showmax Unblocked – FAQ

If you want to know more about Showmax and what it has to offer, make sure you give this FAQ section a quick read:

What is Showmax?

Where is Showmax Available?

What Can I Watch on Showmax?

What Devices Can I Watch Showmax On?

Unblock Showmax Outside South Africa – Final Thoughts

Showmax delivers content straight out of the top drawer. From international award-winning shows and movies to local original programs, this South African streaming platform has it all. I

t is also available in more than 65 countries across different regions, yet the South African catalog is the richest.

Therefore, if you live outside South Africa or Showmax’s broadcasting region, you need a VPN to change your IP address.

But make sure you use a premium provider to avoid privacy leaks, speed issues, and unblocking failures.

Ralph Peterson

Ralph was bitten by the tech bug from an early age. Today, he is an expert cybersecurity geek with 13+ years of online privacy and streaming experience under his belt. Spoiler alert: He hates bottled TV show endings (Game of Thrones) and whenever his favorite teams lose.


  1. Is there a way to change settings in Purevpn in order to watch showmax? In spite of using purevpn, showmax still doesn’t work.

  2. I’m a Kenyan living in Canada…
    I need my Kenyan shows fr fr fr… or i’d go insane – I love Kenyan content…
    That being said, I am so grateful I came across this article – because as of this week I was having issues logging into my showmax account.

    BULLETVPN WORKS – I’m even willing to pay for it so I can get my access to my african shows… we all know Netflix and the rest don’t have enough AFRICAN content.

    1. That’s great to hear! BulletVPN is one of the best VPNs in the business when it comes to bypassing geo-restrictions.

  3. Yes I use Unlocator and it works from Canada. The only thing is that it seams i cannot cast it to my TV (via Chromecast), is it just me or the VPN might be blocking this casting option?

  4. hello I’m in UK I switched on the vpn but they blocked can I subscribe to showmax pro in UK?

  5. hi ,
    I cant use the bullet vpn to access the full showmax pro package, is there something i am not doing right? pls assist I’m in UK

    1. I’m not having any issues with Showmax while using BulletVPN. Have you tried contacting BulletVPN support about the matter?

  6. I have been using Unlocator and their SMART DNS for watching Showmax up until 09th of March but now getting the warning content not available in your country message. Using the regular Unlocator VPN app is slow and takes forever to load content and freezes up halfway into a show.
    I have heard of BulletVPN but am wary to sign up for yet another service that will bomb out after 6 or 8 months, just how reliable is Bullet to hold the course during the subscription period, I know nothing can be guaranteed as these streaming services continually work on methods of blocking any of these IP cloaking apps.

    1. Hi JD. BulletVPN have been around for quite a bit now. They even revamped their VPN apps on most streaming devices recently. That’s certainly a sign of commitment. If you’re looking for a VPN to get around geoblocks on streaming services, they’re definitely worth a shot (no pun intended).

  7. Once I got into the site I still can’t access the shows– they won’t accept my payment for subscription because I’m in another billing country. How do you pay for a subscription when your card billing is in America?

  8. Thanks for your suggestion on BulletVPN.

    I’ve been hunting for a VPN that could do decent GEO-Unblocking all day for my wife to watch Showmax while we are in the USA.
    I tried all the usual suspects No…D, Su…S…K, etc. and none of them worked.

    As at Today (4 November 2022), BulletVPN worked first time with no additional hassle.

    Appreciate the suggestion.
    I will now look at a longer than 1 month subscription with them.



  9. I was using bullet VPN to watch Showmax but seems it’s not working anymore, anyone facing the same issue?

    Which VPN is working properly?

    1. Hello Denny. I just tried Showmax using BulletVPN and it’s working while connected to the DSTV 1 server.

  10. I’ve got BulletVPN and NordVPN. I’ve pretty much used BulletVPN exclusively with really good success, but since the beginning of 2023, BulletVPN has had a lot of issues trying to connect to Showmax. In the past, if there was an error connecting, I could reach out to their technical team and they’d do something (I think reset their channel’s IP addresses) and Showmax would work again.

    But as of June 2023, Showmax has somehow upped their VPN detection game. I’ve tried all the South African servers of both Bullet and Nord, and the website just won’t load properly once signed in, on laptop and mobile. I’ve done all the recommended tricks from both Bullet and Nord, including: clearing cookies, using incognito, different browser, and switching connection types.

    I’ve almost given up trying to access Showmax and about to cancel my subscriptions to both VPNs and Showmax too. Has anyone had any luck recently?? The technical support teams of both of these VPNs leave a lot to be desired.

  11. I used Bulletvpn until recently but it did not work anymore for showmax. I do not have a problem with dstv. I am using Express but it does not work for Showmax. I also tried ivpn. Is there any other way I can try do watch Showmax. Mine was connected and paid through dstv.

  12. Using NordVPN for showmax, connected to the appropriate server, but after signing up, it is now requiring a local phone number to watch. The message on screen shows “We don’t have any content to display here.”. I’m not sure how to bypass this.

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