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How to Watch Pluto TV Outside the USA

Seeking a free streaming platform that offers popular shows both live and on-demand? Well, look no further than Pluto TV.

The American service brings you movies, series, sports, and much more for absolutely nothing. And the best part is you can watch it on your favorite device at home or on the go.

Unfortunately, there is a catch. The best version of PlutoTV is only available in the USA, meaning you won’t be able to access it if you’re traveling or living abroad.

But with the right VPN, you can escape geo-blocks and all sorts of online restrictions and never miss your favorite shows again.

Intrigued? Keep reading to find out how to unblock Pluto TV instantly from anywhere.

Your Quick Guide to Pluto TV

Time needed: 3 minutes

Follow the below steps for total Pluto TV and streaming access.

  1. Get a premium VPN.

    Streaming channels detect most VPN services. Our experts only recommend the best providers with reliable unblocking capabilities, like ExpressVPN.

  2. Download the VPN app.

    After signing up, go to the Google Play Store or App Store to install the app on your device. You can also follow our simple guides to set up the VPN on your WiFi.

  3. Sign in and connect.

    Open the app, enter your credentials, then connect to any US server.

  4. Go to Pluto.

    Whether you visit the Pluto website or app, you won’t find any error messages when you’re abroad.

  5. Keep watching your favorite programs.

    Sit back and stream away.

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Stream Pluto TV – The Expanded Guide

This article brings you everything you need to know about how to watch Pluto TV outside the United States.

The Requirements

Three must-haves to access Pluto:

  • A premium VPN provider.
  • A compatible device.
  • Optional: Fast internet connection.

Pluto TV Claimed by the USA

It feels almost criminal being locked out of your favorite streaming platform and missing all the shows you love. But unfortunately, that’s the way it is.

Due to TV deals and licensing agreements, services like Pluto use geo-blocking technology to keep out overseas viewers.

And what makes it so much worse is that the American streaming channel is free. So if you’re outside the US, you must pay a subscription fee to get another service with rights to your favorite programs.

We even tried to access Pluto from Ireland, but this is what appeared on the screen instead:

“We’re sorry, but Pluto TV is currently unavailable in your location. We’re working hard to bring Pluto TV to this area, so stay tuned to find out when.”

Pluto TV Location Error

If you’ve seen a similar message, it’s safe to say we’re all in the same boat.

Unblock Pluto TV with a Top VPN

The root of your streaming problems lies within your IP address. This numerical label assigned to you by your Internet service provider reveals your location, thus allowing Pluto and other services to keep you out and block your access.

Therefore, what you need is a VPN service with state-of-the-art technology. Once you connect to one of their servers, the VPN will redirect your traffic to a location of your choice and change your IP address. As a result, you’ll appear as if you’re in a different country.

In other words, if you want to watch Pluto TV from abroad, all you have to do is connect to an American VPN server. The streaming platform will think you’re inside its coverage zone and give you full access to its shows.

Furthermore, VPNs offer plenty of benefits, which is why we advise you to use them every time you use the internet.

One, they encrypt your traffic and prevent hackers, ISPs, and other entities from tracking you or your online activities, which is very handy if you’re connected to public WiFi.

Two, premium VPNs don’t keep logs of your browsing history, ensuring total privacy. Three, they offer the ideal solution for streamers and gamers who suffer from ISP throttling.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. VPN perks are too broad to count.

Best VPN for Streaming Pluto

You’ll find plenty of VPNs on the market, but only a handful offer total privacy, strong security, and reliable access.

After several tests, our top recommendation for unblocking Pluto TV is ExpressVPN. You’ll get 3,000+ servers across 94 countries, military-grade encryption, a no-logs policy, and access to the most popular streaming channels.

Another impressive service is BulletVPN, which has a perfect unblocking record and allows up to 6 simultaneous connections. Both VPNs come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

VPN Provider
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Apps For All Your Devices
  • 24/7 Live Support
Visit ExpressVPN
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Access Pluto with Qamo

If you fancy a free VPN to watch Pluto TV outside the US, we recommend Qamo VPN, the only free provider with reliable streaming access and premium privacy features.

Signing up was a quick process – we just installed the app and created an account – then connected to the US server in Miami. After that, we instantly streamed Pluto TV shows from abroad.

What was even more impressive were the substantial bandwidth and speedy connection, allowing us to watch Pluto without any hiccups.

Moreover, Qamo VPN employs military-grade encryption, a built-in kill switch, and a strict no-logs policy. That’s the first free VPN we’ve tried that offers such premium features.

On the other hand, the app is ad-supported and only available for Android users. Nonetheless, it is still worth it if you want to unblock Pluto TV without breaking the bank.

Pluto TV Supported Devices

Drop in. Watch free on any device.


Start streaming in just a few steps:

  1. Connect to an American VPN server
  2. Go to
  3. Watch live and on-demand

Remember that the Pluto TV app is only available in US app stores. To install it, you must:

  1. Connect to a US VPN server
  2. Switch your Play Store country or Apple ID region to the USA
  3. Go to your app store and install the Pluto app
  4. Sign in and start streaming
Apple TV

You must set up a VPN on your router because there aren’t any dedicated VPN apps for Apple TV. Then:

  1. Connect to server from the United States
  2. Download the Pluto TV app on your device
  3. Watch free content wherever you are
Smart TV

As with Apple TV, there are no compatible VPN apps with Smart TVs. Therefore, you must follow the same process. Start by installing the VPN on your router (see how in the Apple TV tab). Then, connect to a US server to install Pluto on your Smart TV and start streaming.


More information is coming your way.

Is Pluto TV free?

Do I need an account to watch it?

How to sign up for Pluto TV?

Can I watch it outside the USA?

Where is Pluto TV available?

What can I watch on Pluto TV?

Watch Pluto from Anywhere – Final Words

Despite its free, no-signup status, Pluto TV is restricted to US residents, which is highly unfair. If you’re hooked on the streaming platform or simply looking for a free service but live abroad, you need to get a VPN.

Please remember that only premium VPNs work with Pluto TV, so stick to our recommendations, and you should be good to go.

Ralph Peterson

Ralph was bitten by the tech bug from an early age. Today, he is an expert cybersecurity geek with 13+ years of online privacy and streaming experience under his belt. Spoiler alert: He hates bottled TV show endings (Game of Thrones) and whenever his favorite teams lose.

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